Custom Planting Program
Frequently Asked Questions
When do I need to bring my basket back if I want it on Mother's Day?
No later than January to reserve your space.
Can I bring it back before that?
Certainly! Many of our customers bring their containers back in the fall. We store them over the winter at no extra charge. Between the last weekend of June and the first weekend of April, you will need to phone for an appointment to drop off your container.
Our custom planting program gains in popularity with each passing season. We plant any new container or any used container made of resin, metal or glazed ceramic or any with a replaceable liner. We cannot plant any used containers made of porous material .
What if I didn't buy my container at The Flower Farm?
No problem! We'll plant any container you have as long as it can be cleaned and disinfected.
What about my White Swirl basket?
While we can replant plastic containers, the cost of a new container is often less than the cost of cleaning and disinfection. Your savings will likely be zero.
How will I be charged?
We have standard replant prices for all of our standard container gardens which reflect the price of a new garden, less the cost of the container. Standard containers include all of the hanging baskets that we sell, having a replaceable liner and all of the resin patio pots that we sell. Since each of our ceramic patio gardens are unique, they are considered non-standard. Non-standard containers are charged at the cost of time and materials. You don't pay for your replant until you pick it up.

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